Monday, 24 October 2011

Recently I've been trying to make my arts practice more practical. I've been trying to get away from planning projects that would be fantastic if I only had the right resources. I've been trying to approach art from the angle of 'what resources have I got', 'what resources can I easily get my hands on', 'what can I do with these resources'.

Surprisingly, this approach is very liberating. With a recent project I whittled down my resources to myself (performing), a video camera, charcoal, paper and a white space (hired space at the Rag Factory just off Brick Lane - well worth a look with cheap deals on weekend eves if your budget's tight). But the most refreshing part of this project was re-discovering how creative a blank white space can be. With nothing but the resources above, I just wanted to sit, and play, and think - which is exactly what I did.

Artist's often spend a lot of time seeking out inspiration - galleries, theatres, books, talks, films. Perhaps there's so much of it out there that it is more important to find the right space to reflect on what we have seen - the doctor's waiting room, that cafe with a particular vista, the front seat of the top deck of a bus...

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